Naramata, BC (April 1, 2011)

Alys Howe provided her audience at the Chalmers Chapel with a night to remember, a delightful experience. As an audience member in this amazing space, and with the harp and voice gently ringing the room, there were moments where ‘ethereal experience’ came to mind.

She is engaging, she is comfortable, and she is completely at ease with her music. Her occasional light banter helped put the music into perspective, and also drew the audience in to the talented personality behind the strings.

Her fingers set to work with multi-layered melodies floating from the three-dozen strings of her Celtic harp. She interspersed Irish and Scot instrumentals with songs featuring her own lovely soprano voice. This was a bonus. We knew we were coming to hear a renowned harpist, but to hear her sing too was the icing on the Celtic cake.

Alys dazzled us with her soprano vocals in Gaelic.  We chuckled during a Canadian folk tune of loving a logger, and we were captivated by her ability to make Celtic harp magic.

Watch video clips from this performance

Craig Henderson
editor, My Naramata




Friendly Beasts Concert For Hope For Wildlife

Dartmouth NS

Friendly Beasts (a quartet comprised of a harp, cello, flute and guitar), put on a riveting performance for a full-house at Port Wallis United Church. The magic meandered in the air as the quartet (featuring special musical guests) played beautiful Christmas music, and in the spirit of the season, all of the proceeds were directed to Hope for Wildlife. Members of Hope for Wildlife were in attendance with one of their rescued owls, as well as a baby owl that everyone was “hooting” over! The energy in the church was vibrant, relaxing and brimming with joy – a night not soon to be forgotten by this SNAP guy!