Wedding Booking

How can I book Alys Howe for my wedding?

1) Confirm availability: please send an email asking me to pencil you in for the location, date, and time(s) of your event. If you do not receive a personalized response from me, please contact me again.

2) Choose the music and the package that is right for your ceremony.  There are several options to accommodate different price points, which include different services (start by visiting the Weddings page of, under Live Performances.  You will see the Packages on the right hand side of the Weddings page).  NOTE that any music titles marked with an asterisk* can only be performed on PEDAL HARP (which is not available with the Basic or Budget Wedding packages).  For more information, please visit the About the Harps page of If you would like some advice or have any questions, please contact Alys Howe by phone or email.

3) Fill out the contract that matches the wedding package you have chosen (visit the Weddings page of, then select the Package you have chosen from the sidebar on the right side of the page.  You will then be able to download the appropriate contract).  If there are details you will need to find out from the venue location or from a co-ordinator, please fill in this information before sending in the contract and payment. The contract must be completely filled out and all details provided, for a booking to be finalized. If you have any questions, contact Alys to discuss.

4) Email a draft of the contract: and if needed, we will set up a phone consultation to discuss any outstanding questions or concerns, and finalize all the details.

5) Complete the booking: once we have finalized our agreement, you can mail the completed contract and full payment (as described in the contract) to the address I will provide. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the contract for yourself. I will confirm that I have received the contract, or if you wish, I can fax it back to you at the number you provide. If you require a copy to be mailed to you at your address, you should send two copies of the completed contract, with a stamped and self-addressed envelope.

If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed in this information, or you have
requirements not included in the available Wedding Packages, please contact me and I would be
happy to discuss your plans.